Vision, Values and Aims

IAT Vision 

To provide an exceptional educational experience for young people locally

IAT Values 

  • collective responsibility for the education of all students within the Trust
  • A fully inclusive approach, maximising the attainment and achievement of every student in a nurturing and challenging educational environment
  • An ethos of life-long learning and personal development enabling students to gain life skills and a positive approach to well-being alongside academic qualifications

 IAT Aims

  • To improve the quality of educational experience across all schools within the Trust
  • To create governance and shared leadership that is committed to developing young people and strives for outstanding educational progress for all students
  • To train, recruit and invest in continuing professional development of quality staff across the Trust
  • To utilise best practice across the Trust to drive school improvement
  • To grow the number of schools in the Trust sustainably over time
  • To maintain a strong commercial skill base at Trust Board level and knowledgeable, experienced governors on school Local Governing Bodies


Collaborate to Succeed