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Welcome to Insignis Academy Trust

IAT is the largest Buckinghamshire based, mainstream secondary education, Multi Academy Trust. Currently, four secondary schools are part of the IAT family.




Sir William Ramsay School Joins Insignis Academy Trust


We proudly announce that Sir William Ramsay School (SWR) has joined our Academy Trust. This strategic move signifies a momentous milestone for both SWR and our Trust as we will unite expertise and resources to enhance educational opportunities for students across Buckinghamshire. With a shared vision for fostering innovation, collaboration, and student success, this partnership aims to set new benchmarks in educational excellence.

By aligning with Insignis, SWR school gains access to our extensive network of educational professionals, advanced infrastructure, and innovative teaching methodologies, thus empowering its students to excel academically and thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Keith Deane, Chair of Governors for Sir William Ramsay School

"I believe that joining Insignis Academy Trust is a great opportunity for our students and staff to benefit from the Trust’s experience and expertise in our efforts to make Sir William Ramsay a great school."


We share SWR school’s commitment to enable the academic success and personal development of all members of the school community and develop a culture that is routed in the school’s values of being Respectful, Ambitious, Reliable and Resilient.

Through collaborative initiatives and shared best practices, this partnership aims to raise educational standards and empower every student to become lifelong learners and global citizens.


Gaynor Bull, Chair of Trustees for Insignis Academy Trust

“We are delighted Sir William Ramsay School (SWR) is joining Insignis Academy Trust as our fifth Buckinghamshire secondary school and we are fully committed to working collaboratively with SWR and our other schools to ensure we provide an exceptional educational experience for all our students. We very much look forward to working more closely with the SWR school community."